Real estate management

We also have a longlasting experience in building maintenance. At this time we are maintaining 27 residental-business buildings. Each and every building data or owner data is beeing updated daily.

Since 2015 we are included in urban development projects that are organized by the European Union and the Croatian Envirolmental Agency.

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Building reserve fund and costs

  • Building work (obligatory)
    Chimney repair, chimney sweep, working on electrical installations, elevators, deratization...
  • Emergency building repairs
    Wearout failures, technical failures, gas and electrical failures, unexpected chimney damage...
  • Small building repairs
    Painting, upholstering, external joinery repairs, lighting repairs...
  • Large building repairs
    Roof replacement, external joinery replacement, building reconstruction (internal and external), fence repairment/replacement...
  • Other services
    Expences for electricity, water or gas, taxes, fees...

Building maintanence costs

  1. Building maintanence costs

Building maintenance commission – 18% from the yearly income of the residental-business buildings.
The services provided by a building manager are:

  • Organization of hard and soft services of a built structure
  • Evaluation and reevaluation of a building or property
  • Renting and leasing (1 year)

Also, building manager is obliged to organize:

  • Building work (obligatory)
  • Emergency building repairs
  • Small building repairs
  • Large building repairs
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